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Premier Protein Shake Chocolate

Premier Protein 30g Protein Shake, Chocolate
Premier Protein 30g Protein Shake, Chocolate, 11.5 Fl Oz, Pack of 12

Packaged in a new 11.5oz bottle, each shake contains 30g of protein with all the essential amino acids, 160 calories, 1g sugar, low fat, 24 vitamins and minerals, 5g carbs

Recipient of the American master of taste Gold Medal for superior tasting ready-to-drink protein beverages in a national taste test by chefs in America in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019

Premier Proteins are available in eight delicious smooth and creamy flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla, Caramel, Cafe Latte, Cookies & Cream, Strawberries & Cream, Bananas & Cream, and Peaches & Cream. Enjoy them as a delicious meal replacement, a satisfying snack, or workout fuel

Benefits of Protein Shake

Get your body moving in the right direction with protein.

Protein is essential to a healthy body and an active lifestyle. Find out all the miraculous things this macronutrient can do for you.

Protein does the heavy lifting on helping you get the most out of your muscles.

You’re chasing kids. Lifting bags of mulch. Going for a marathon bike ride. It all takes muscle. And those muscles need protein to perform, as well as repair after all that activity.

Your body’s ability to absorb nutrients is at its peak shortly after a workout, and protein helps you maintain toning, so you can keep moving – and also look good doing it.

Protein shake Is Your Energy Booster

Get more energy from the right combo of protein, carbs and fats.

Simple carbohydrates are famous for giving you quick energy, but also for the subsequent crash. The right mix of protein, carbs and fats can give your body a longer-lasting source of energy. You see, each of these macronutrients takes a different amount of time for your body to break down. First you’ll absorb the carbs, then the protein, then the fat. By then, voila!, you’ll have enjoyed more energy over a longer period of time.

Hunger Busters

Nothing satisfies like protein. Want fewer hunger pangs? Protein takes longer to digest, so it naturally makes you feel fuller for longer. Which is great news if you’re watching your weight or prone to grab unhealthy snacks.

Healthy Aging Nutritional Protein Shake

Protein helps to build muscle.

As we age, we lose muscle mass and strength. But don’t despair! Recent findings show this muscle loss isn’t inevitable. Eating a sufficient amount of protein with each meal may help slow the loss of muscle mass. Experts are recommending 25-30 grams per meal. Combine that with resistance training and you’ll be well on your way to maintaining a strong and vital body for the rest of your life.

Growing up strong for kids and Adults

Kids need protein to maintain muscles and bones.

Protein is important for your children’s growth and development. But just because they need it doesn’t mean they want to eat it. To help kids, especially active ones, get enough protein, Premier Protein® ’s delicious, nutrient-packed shakes and bars are a great choice.

Premier Protein Shakes for Weight Loss

Protein is also a key factor in keeping you satiated. This means that you tend to feel less hungry after a high protein meal. The pattern has considerable potential for weight loss. In particular, high protein foods can make people eat less at subsequent meals.

Premier Protein Shake Chocolate
Smooth & Creamy, Premier Protein Shake chocolate
Smooth & Creamy, Premier Protein Shake chocolate

Protein Facts

Protein Benefits,Protein is a good source of energy, helps build and maintain muscle toning, and controls weight. 30g of Protein Studies suggest that it may be more beneficial to eat 25-30g protein at each meal every day. Premier Protein Shakes help achieve those goals with 30g protein per bottle.Source: Paddon-Jones, D., et al., Journal of the American Dietetic Association. 2009. Premier Protein Shakes contain milk proteins, a combination of whey protein and casein protein, to sustain energy for a longer period of time. Our shakes contain all nine essential amino acids. They are essential because the human body cannot produce them itself and must receive them from food.
Premier Protein Shake Chocolate

Good For You Ingredients

Available in: Chocolate, Vanilla, Caramel, Cookies & Cream. Recipient of the American Master of Taste Gold Medal for Superior Tasting ready-to-drink protein beverages in a national taste test by Chefs In America in 2015, 2016, 2017. 160 Calories, High Protein: Majority of the 160 calories comes from the 30g protein.5g Carbohydrates: Which is 2% DV. Carbs include 3g Fiber or 12% DV. Fiber is a carbohydrate that your body cannot digest, it does not raise your blood sugar levels. Each shake contains 24 vitamins and minerals which are considered essential nutrients. They help maintain bone health, support your immune system and help convert food into energy. Low Fat: 3g Total Fat in our shakes. Guilt-free indulgence. Gluten-Free, No Soy: Our shakes are gluten-free and free from soy ingredients.**Note: Please refer ingredients list for more information.
Premier protein shake
Premier protein shake

Premier Protein Shake Chocolate

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Ensure Nutrition Drink For Adults

Ensure complete Nutrition drink
Ensure Complete, Balanced Nutrition Drink for Adults with Nutri – Strength Complex (Chocolate Flavour) – 400g

Complete, balanced nutrition for Adults.
Contains 32 nutrients including High protein, Calcium, and Vitamin D.
Has 100% RDA of essential nutrients
Has vital nutrients to support strength, immunity, and energy.

  • NO. 1 ORAL NUTRITION SUPPLEMENT WORLDWIDE: in two delicious flavors –Vanilla and Chocolate
  • Scientifically Formulated and clinically proven with 32 nutrients including protein, calcium, Vitamin D that could be missing from your diet
  • Delicious Nutritional drink with up to 4 times, less sugar than other health drinks
  • Helps Increase Muscle Mass – contains high-quality proteins that help increase muscle-mass & a balanced macronutrient ratio that supports optimum utilization of proteins
  • Nutrition to Stay Strong and Active – Contains nutrients like Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Vitamin D and Vitamin K for strong bones
  • Helps Boost Immunity and protects against infections – Contains Immunonutrients like Vitamins A, C, E, Folic Acid, Zinc and Manganese to maintain protection against infections
  • Support Digestive health and helps Metabolism – contains fructo-oligosaccharide (FOS) which supports digestive health & Vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12 and iodine that help in metabolism
  • CONTACT_US On: Call toll free 1800-266-0448 for free counseling on Nutrition and product-related queries offered by our nutrition experts
  • HOW TO PREPARE – Add 6 Scoops of Ensure in 190 ml chilled water or 3 Scoops of Ensure in 150 ml chilled milk, Stir until dissolved and enjoy
  • Disclaimers : Source: Euromonitor International Limited, Consumer Health 2018 edition, as per supplement nutrition drink category definition, % retail value share, 2014-17 data, On per 100g powder compared to popular health drinks.

Ensure Nutrition Drink For Adults

Benefits Of Ensure Nutritional Drink

Each Delicious Ensure Drink is an excellent source of 26 essential vitamins and minerals. The complete, balanced nutrition you get from Ensure can help you stay healthy, active, and energetic. Drinking Ensure daily is a habit that could help you feel better.

These delicious nutritional shakes for weight gain are designed to give you additional calories and protein and to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy.

1-2 per day. Ensure Max Protein shakes can be used as a convenient on-the-go snack or to increase protein intake with meals. Drinking more than 2 servings per day may provide too much protein and too few carbohydrates and calories to meet nutritional needs.

 is a source of complete, balanced nutrition that provides concentrated calories, protein, and fiber to help patients gain or maintain a healthy weight. It can be used with or between meals or as a meal replacement.

Ensure Nutrition Drink For Adults
Ensure Ensure Ensure
NUTRITION DESIGNED FOR ADULTS! With age, you may frequently feel weak and tired due to loss of muscle mass. Post the age of 40, our bone density and muscle mass decrease, leading to difficulty in activities like walking, climbing the stairs, lifting shopping bags etc. A complete, balanced nutrition with adequate amount of macro nutrients (protein, fat, carbs) and micro nutrients (vitamins & minerals) can help support bone and muscle strength. Ensure is a complete, balanced nutrition designed for adults to help stay strong and active! YOUR BODY NEEDS MORE THAN PROTEIN! When it comes to the question of ‘nutrition’ for an active lifestyle, the power of protein can hardly be ignored. A diet low in protein can lead to loss of muscle mass and strength as we age. Hence, Ensure provides you with ‘High Protein’.However, your body needs several other nutrients in the right ratio to help stay strong and active. And thus, Ensure plays a perfect partner supplementing your diet as it gives the strength of 32 nutrients, with 100 % RDA of essential nutrients along with high protein. EXERCISE AND NUTRITION CAN HELP YOU LIVE NON-STOP! Right exercise and proper nutrition are both essential to stay fit and active. A balanced diet, enriching all the essential nutrients is necessary for our body to race up ahead. Along with right nutrition, healthy physical activities are of utmost significance for staying fit and active. Making exercises a part of your daily lifestyle will not only improve your physical health, but also your mental state and will keep you active throughout your lifespan!
Ensure Complete, Balanced Nutrition Drink for Adults
Ensure Complete, Balanced Nutrition Drink for Adults with Nutri – Strength Complex (Vanilla Flavour) – 1Kg

Ensure Complete, Balanced Nutrition Drink for Adults